Pete Radosevich

Litigation and Real Estate Lawyer Pete RadosevichFor more than 17 years, I have represented clients in litigation, divorce, family law, probate, and real estate cases. I also understand the steps to successfully litigate personal injury lawsuits against insurance companies and corporations.

Peter L. Radosevich
Juris Doctor, William Mitchell College of Law 1996
Practicing in Duluth, Esko, Cloquet, and Carlton County since 1999

Jury Trial Experience

I’ve won jury trials in Duluth, Carlton County, and Lake County courts, ranging from criminal felonies and DWI, to car accidents, personal injury, and major contract disputes. I’ve argued to the Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court. A lawyer with jury trial experience is your best option when your rights are affected.


The best litigators are prepared. Most lawsuits settle without a trial. My mentor used to tell me: “Prepare for trial, but hope for settlement.” That’s because, if your attorney is well prepared and ready to try your case to a jury, the other side is more likely to offer a favorable settlement. I assume that each case will go to trial, and I start preparing my closing arguments from the beginning of your case. That way, I am ready for trial. And that preparation usually means a better settlement- or victory at trial.

Family & Divorce Law

I have handled dozens and dozens of family law cases, from complex divorces involving complex businesses and valuable assets and contested child custody issues to simple, friendly divorce with no children or assets.

Not all divorces need to be painful. I’m proud of my reputation for cooperation, understanding, and sensitivity (there is no need to hate your spouse after a divorce). But I’m also proud of my reputation for aggressive, forceful advocacy when that is necessary. I won’t let your spouse intimidate or take advantage of you. And I won’t advise you to accept a settlement that you may regret later- especially when it comes to custody of your children.


There are plenty of probate attorneys in the Duluth area. I’m different- not only are my rates more reasonable for simple cases, I am also experienced and aggressive in the complex, emotional probate matters. I use the sensitivity and strength from my Family Law practice to make sure your probate matters are handled effectively and efficiently, at a lower cost than most other lawyers.

Real Estate Litigation

Most of the time you don’t need a lawyer for real estate transactions. But when you have a difficult real estate problem, you should call a lawyer with real estate and litigation experience. I’ve successfully handled cases from property line disputes and adverse possession, to fires, construction liens, eviction, and contracts for deed. You may not need to go to Court, but it’s nice to know your lawyer is ready for trial if necessary. And my fees are usually much more reasonable than other Duluth area lawyers.