Litigation & Personal Injury

I assume that each case will go to trial, and I start preparing my closing arguments from the beginning of your case. That way, I am ready for trial. And that preparation usually means a better settlement—or victory at trial.

The best litigators are prepared. Most lawsuits settle without a trial. My mentor used to tell me: “Prepare for Trial, but Hope for Settlement.” That’s because, if your attorney is well prepared and ready to try your case to a jury, the other side is more likely to offer a favorable settlement.

Frequent Questions About Litigation & Personal Injury Cases

Q: Why do I need a lawyer?
A: Maybe you don’t. That’s why I encourage you to sit down with me to evaluate your case. Sometimes you may end up with the same settlement without using a lawyer. But if the insurance company offers you a lousy settlement, you’ll be stuck and the insurance company will be richer. In any case, call me for a brief analysis before you agree to anything.

Q: Do you handle other types of lawsuits?
A: Yes. My courtroom experience includes real estate litigation such as property line disputes, construction disputes, adverse possession, and other real estate claims. I have also litigated breach-of-contract claims, business disputes, and other litigation matters. I’m usually much more affordable than other local attorneys, which means less financial risk for you. Call me to discuss your case if you have more questions.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Most personal injury lawyers keep a share of any money they collect. So you should only hire a lawyer if that lawyer can get more money for you than it costs you. We offer two plans: a percentage or hourly. If you hire the Radosevich Law Office, we keep 1/3 of any recovered amounts. Unique to our office, we subtract the expenses before we divide the proceeds. Most other attorneys take the expenses out of your share. The way we do it can save you thousands! No other Duluth area lawyer does this.

In some cases, you may only need a lawyer to review and approve a settlement, and maybe to finalize the details. In that case we may be willing to work for you on an hourly basis.

Q: My insurance company already paid my medical bills. How can a lawyer help me?
A: Minnesota’s “No-Fault” law protects you from undeserved medical bills. In addition, you may have lost wages, additional expenses, pain and suffering, and future unforeseen medical bills. Our office can help you recover those costs.

Q: How long does it take to settle my claim?
A: Most Duluth area insurance claims are settled within a year. But a lawsuit can take longer, be patient- this is the only shot you have at recovery.

Q: I don’t want to sue, I just want to get my medical expenses paid for. What should I do?
A: Call Radosevich Law Office. We will advise you thoroughly, and you can decide how to proceed. It’s best to make a decision after you are soundly advised of all your rights and options.