Probate & Estate Planning

I use the sensitivity and strength from my family law practice to make sure your probate matters are handled effectively and efficiently at a lower cost than most lawyers.

There are plenty of probate attorneys in the Duluth area. I’m different—not only are my rates more reasonable for simple cases, I am also experienced and aggressive in the complex, emotional probate matters. I use the sensitivity and strength from my family law practice to make sure your probate matters are handled effectively and efficiently, at a lower cost than most other lawyers.

Frequent Questions about Probate & Estate Planning

Q: Do I need a will?
A: A Will is the ‘catch-all’ document. If I draft your Will, I will also prepare a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive (Living Will) for you. If you carefully plan your estate, you may never need to use your Will. But if you don’t have a Will and need one, it is very expensive and complex to fix those problems. Having a Will is a cheap way to make sure your wishes are carried out after you are not around any longer.

Q: Can’t I just get one off the internet?
A: Sure. But the likelihood of making is mistake is huge, and you won’t be around to fix it. When I draft your Will, I’m not just selling you an expensive piece of paper. You are taking advantage of my training and experience to make sure your wishes are understood and carried out after you are gone. I could tell you horror stories about improperly prepared Wills. Call me if you want to hear them.

Q: How can I avoid probate?
A: By meeting with a competent estate planner. Expensive probate can be avoided with careful and proper planning. There are so many options, it just makes sense to discuss your concerns with someone who can explain all the options available.

Q: Why should I hire you? There are many probate attorneys in the Duluth area.
A: Maybe you shouldn’t. There’s two reasons to hire my firm in probate matters, though: to save money, or to handle especially complex cases. I have an excellent staff who can help with the routine probate case. And that’s quite affordable, compared to other local attorneys. But if you have complex probate issues, it’s smart to hire an attorney like me who has litigation experience, as well.

Q: Do I have to leave everything to my kids?
A: No. But it’s a good idea to have a frank discussion with your attorney before you make such a decision. Your kids will be around a lot longer than you will be, and the trauma you may cause by omitting them from your Estate may have long-term unfortunate effects on them.

Q: All my mom had was her house.
A: I am an experienced real estate attorney. When dealing with property issues after someone has passed away, it makes sense to hire someone with real estate experience. Call me to discuss your needs.

Reasonable Fees & Retainers

I work for myself, not a big firm, and while legal fees are expensive, you’ll find my fees are usually less than most other local attorneys. That’s because, while I will aggressively pursue your case, I don’t bill aggressively—other attorneys will bill you for short calls, travel time, even photocopies! I don’t do that. As a result, you’ll get a quality lawyer at a reasonable cost. Call me at 218-879-0008 to find out more.